We are a small in-home breeder located in the beautiful deserts surrounding the Superstition Mountains in Mesa, Arizona. Our adult dogs are part of our family and have been raised in our home as well as all of our puppies. Our sweet doodle puppies receive lots of attention, affection and socialization from all of us who care for them. Some of our favorite family times are taking our dogs for hikes on the Superstition Mountain trails and enjoying the beautiful outdoors! 

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is our super sweet and loving male double doodle. A double doodle is 1\4 lab 1\4 retriever half poodle. His name fits him very well. He was our first puppy and holds a special place in our hearts. He is very laid-back and loves to please. All his puppies make wonderful therapy dogs because of their calm and affectionate demeanor. He's also very intelligent and playful.


Our little girl Piper has our heart. She is a mini goldendoodle and is a beautiful deep red color with lots of curl. Piper is such a funny girl and full of love for everyone. She adores playing with all of our dogs, BIG and small alike. She likes to get the fun started! She’s very calm, affectionate, playful and loves to just hang out on your lap on lazy days. She’s an all-around adorable girl. 


is our first multigen mini goldendoodle stud. He is absolutely darling, and will steal your heart the moment you set eyes on him. He is super cuddly, playful and very obedient. Currently he's in a guardian home and his family is absolutely in love with him. 


Milo is our blue merle tri-colored mini poodle stud. He’s got the most gorgeous coat colors of any poodle we have had. He’s a sweet little guy weighing in at 20lbs currently. He’s highly affectionate, playful, very intelligent and confident. He loves all people and dogs. Right now he’s only six months old but soon will be a wonderful dad, and we couldn’t be happier!


Molly is a fun loving, goofy, intelligent, active girl! She doesn’t know a stranger and loves everyone with her whole heart. Her mama is Dezi and Molly has her mamas most wonderful attributes. She’s highly affectionate, loves kids and dogs and is ready for a car ride anytime you want to go! 




Picasso is our 12 pound toy sable poodle. He’s sired many litters of Bernedoodles due to his amazing color genetics as well as his size and temperament. He’s a very calm boy, loves his people and is an all-around great boy! He adores car rides, treats, and belly rubs.



Blaze is such a tiny little guy weighing in at a whopping 3 lbs. He’s very sweet, loves to cuddle and be a lap doggie. He is very relaxed and a calm little guy. He will be a great stud for several of our litters.

Ziggy is our gorgeous 25 lb mini goldendoodle Stud. He is a very affectionate guy, and adores playtime. He shares a guardian home with Blaze, and he knows how to play gently with his “little“ brother. He loves car rides, and people of all ages!



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